About us


Horizon Village & Resort rests inside the gates of a stunningly beautiful botanical garden. Its atmosphere was designed specifically to be a place where the elegance of Lanna culture and architecture meet the unrestrained beauty of nature. The grace and charm of Thai culture is provided with the highest quality service and hospitality. Health, rest, and wellness are the top priorities of this inimitable hideaway. Organically grown plants and macrobiotics are options on a well-rounded menu. On the other hand, health massages are available for those that would enjoy a selection of Thai herbal remedies and treatments for the relaxation of body and soul. The resort is a sanctuary for those who crave a calm moment and a refreshing natural view.


Chiang Mai, which translates to mean “The New City”, has become just that over the past seven hundred years. In the heart of the city lies its past, the old city moat. Around it, the famous Thapae Sunday Thai Walking street has sprung up as well as a myriad of cosmopolitan eateries and local food stalls. Chiang Mai is a heaven for shoppers as well as those seeking immersion in the local culture. It is a rare gem that has managed to modernize significantly while preserving its distinctive culture in the form of arts, festivals, and ethnic and religious traditions. Chiang Mai’s many mountainside temples, the most well known of which is Doi Suthep, invite travellers into the golden beauty of Thailand. Those wanting to discover more of the city may want to take trips to the exotic Night Safari, the exceptional Mae Sa Elephant Camp, and the San Kamphaeng silk and cotton weaving village.


Those visiting Thailand may first be charmed by the warmth and inclusiveness of its people. It is the Land of Smiles ruled by King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the most highly respected and revered man in the country. The Thai Kingdom is home to humid tropical rainforests, cheeky monkeys, historical ruins, gentle elephants, tantalizing dishes, and turquoise, golden oceanside views. Here, a traveller can never get enough. People from all around the world come to this hub of Asia to find peace, wealth, and excitement. Although it is a land of diversity, its climate stays relatively the same year round. Those seeking those cozy and contenting temperatures around 25 degrees C will find it here. Thailand is a place that satisfies and surprises all that enter its gates. From Bangkok, to Phuket, to Krabi, to Chiang Rai, Thailand has flourishing culture, marvelous pandemonium, and fresh fruit to offer.