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Horizon Village & Resort
Horizon Village & Resort
Horizon Village & Resort
Horizon Village & Resort
Horizon Village & Resort
Horizon Village & Resort

Our Story

Our Story

Dear all the readers,  My name is Nant the second generation owner of Horizon Village & Resort.  
I'm the one who sit in the middle with my parents.

First of All, Thank you for being interested in our place. 
Horizon Village & Resort and Tweechol Botanic Garden is the place where I grew up and these places were crafted with love and passion from My parents. Many people asked me about our place and Yes I think the best way to introduce our property story should start with some popular questions.

Q: How Horizon Village & Resort relate with Tweechol Botanic Gardens?
A:  I can say that Horizon Village & Resort is situated in the middle of 115 acres of Tweechol Botanic Gardens which means during your stay at our place
you will be surrounded with greenery and nature. These two places support each other. For example, guests who stay at Horizon can enjoy our Botanic Garden for free.  At the same time the Botanic garden guests also can enjoy the facilities of Horizon such as the Restaurant , meeting rooms (with some charges) as well. 

Q: Can you describe your place in one sentence ?
A:  All-in-one resort which is located in 115 acres Botanic Garden 

Q: Why did your parents name the resort " Horizon Village & Resort" ? 
A : Throwback 10 years ago my dad got Prostate Cancer at Stage 4 which is extremely critical. During that time he went to Bumrungrad hospital to cure himself and it is a kind of coincidence that The department that he went to was called Horizon. So once he fully recovered he realized he want to build a place where people can recharge and relax themselve. Once that person have a chance to have a quality rest that person can continue to live and reach the goal of their life. And my parents they compare Life Goal like a Horizontal line.
So this place is a place where you can come and fully rest then you can go back to survive with your life till you reach your own Horizon.

Q : Why your garden name Tweechol Botanic Garden ?
A: Tweechol is the first syllable of my parent name. Twee mean double and it come from my father first name Tweesak. Chol mean river and it come from my mother first name  Chalarng. Therefore combine these two word together mean abundant nature.

Q: What is inside and what you can do in Horizon Village and Tweechol Botanic Garden ?
A : Accommodation surrounded with greenery scenic, Convention and different size of Meeting rooms, The maze, Petting Zoo, Play ground, Cycling , Paddling the boat, Visit 100 years Old Thai Tradition HouseCooking in Lanna Style House, Visit the Lanna Museum, Enjoy the water fall together with the cactus garden, Walking through Palm trend herbal garden , Experience the Thai Massage and more but you have to come to our place to figure out by yourself. It's 115 acres Botanic Garden to explore !

These are all the question that i always got from many clients,  If you have more question please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] 
For more story just let us know ! We are very happy to give you all the information.

Thank you again for reading through our story !
Stay Safe and healthy !
Wishing to meet you all (my readers) in the near future !

Best Regards,  


About Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, which translates to mean “The New City”, has become just that over the past seven hundred years. In the heart of the city lies its past, the old city moat. Around it, the famous Thapae Sunday Thai Walking street has sprung up as well as a myriad of cosmopolitan eateries and local food stalls. Chiang Mai is a heaven for shoppers as well as those seeking immersion in the local culture. It is a rare gem that has managed to modernize significantly while preserving its distinctive culture in the form of arts, festivals, and ethnic and religious traditions.

Chiang Mai’s many mountainside temples, the most well known of which is Doi Suthep, invite travellers into the golden beauty of Thailand. Those wanting to discover more of the city may want to take trips to the exotic Night Safari, the exceptional Mae Sa Elephant Camp, and the San Kamphaeng silk and cotton weaving village.

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