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Hot Air Balloon Adventures in Thailand | Horizon Village & Resort

Hot Air Balloon Adventures in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Horizon Village & Resort is thrilled to offer an exciting experience - early morning hot air balloon trips in Chiang Mai! During the cool and clear months from October to March each year, our guests can embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure provided by a team of international balloon pilots from Chiang Mai Balloon Adventures.

Every morning, as the sun rises, our hot air balloons are prepared for lift-off right from our resort grounds. Balloons launch from the hotel at 6:30 am. Take in the stunning sights of Chiang Mai, Thailand, from high up in the sky as you soar over the grand panorama. 

Experience Chiang Mai From A Hot Air Balloon

In partnership with Chiang Mai Balloon Adventures, seasoned international balloon pilots ensure your safety throughout the flight. As you ascend, embrace the serene morning skies and breathtaking terrain below. 

The balloon ride offers a unique perspective of Chiang Mai from an extraordinary vantage point. Photographers and nature lovers alike will find this experience unforgettable, allowing them to capture Chiang Mai’s beautiful countryside from new heights.

Tips for Your Hot Air Balloon Ride in Chiang Mai

To ensure you have the best possible experience on your hot air balloon ride, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

Dress Appropriately 

Mornings can be cool, especially from October to March. We recommend wearing layers that you can remove as it gets warmer. Comfortable, flat shoes are a must, as you’ll be standing during the flight.

Check Weather Conditions 

Balloon flights are weather-dependent. We always prioritize safety and may need to reschedule your flight if the weather is unfavorable. We recommend confirming the timings with us the day before your flight.

Bring a Camera 

On the ride, you’ll be treated to some of Chiang Mai’s most stunning landscapes. Make sure your camera or phone is charged and ready to capture these breathtaking views. Binoculars can also enhance your viewing experience.

Listen to Your Pilot 

Our pilots are experienced and knowledgeable about both ballooning and the local area. Pay attention to their instructions, and feel free to ask questions about the sights and landmarks below.

Safety First 

Always follow the safety guidelines provided before and during the flight. Ballooning is incredibly safe, but respecting the safety measures ensures a pleasant experience for everyone.

Book Your Next Adventure

Hot air ballooning is one of the most peaceful and enjoyable ways to see Chiang Mai’s landscape unfold beneath you. Whether you want to capture stunning photos, enjoy the peaceful scenery, or soak in the panoramic views, a hot air balloon trip from Horizon Village & Resort is a must-try adventure.

Experience Chiang Mai like never before. Contact us to secure your place in one of our hot air balloons. With limited spaces available and high demand, early reservations are highly recommended. 

Pricing & Booking Details

The cost for this unforgettable aerial experience is THB 8,800 per person. Given the popularity of our Chiang Mai hot air balloon adventures, we advise booking well in advance to secure your spot. Please contact Horizon Village at +61 (53) 292381-5 to arrange your flight. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to see Chiang Mai from the skies!

Staying at Horizon Village & Resort for Your Thailand Balloon Adventure

Horizon Village & Resort in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, is the perfect place from which to enjoy your balloon adventure as part of your resort escape. Our resort is designed to provide comfort and convenience, with elegant, well-appointed Lanna-style accommodation complete with all the modern amenities required for a relaxing and comfortable stay. 

Fun and adventure are in store for resort guests with our various experiences showcasing the Lanna culture of Northern Thailand. Aside from a balloon adventure, you can explore our expansive Tweechol Botanic Garden, home to meticulously landscaped gardens with a variety of plants, flowers, and tree topiaries, a zoo, a spa, a museum, and even a 100-year-old Lanna house. You can embark on a cultural tour, join a traditional Thai cooking class, or unwind with a soothing Thai massage.

Families with children will enjoy the array of play equipment at our Kid Zone, which includes slides, swings, and climbing frames. Children can also participate in various activities and games, from crafts to storytelling.

For more physical activities, try biking or hiking around our beautiful gardens, paddle-boating on our lake, or joining a yoga session with our instructors. Horizon Village & Resort is the perfect place for families to enjoy quality time, surrounded by nature’s beauty. Book your stay today.

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