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How To Choose The Right Conference Room Venue In Chiang Mai


A Guide To Choosing The Right Conference Room In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, a major tourist and economic hub in Thailand, is considered the capital of the north. With a large resident population and a constant flow of both local and international tourists, it has become a prime business center in the north. If you plan to host a corporate event but need help preparing, we have some tips to help you select the right conference room venue in Chiang Mai.


Tables at a conference room in Chiang Mai


A Guide to Choosing Conference Room Venues in Chiang Mai

The first impression of any corporate seminar or meeting is the venue itself. Chiang Mai offers a variety of conference venues, including convention centers and hotels. If you need a conference room or hotel in Chiang Mai that can accommodate up to 100 people for a seminar, our guide can help you choose.

Accessible Location with Ample Parking

The venue should be easily accessible, ideally near major roads and landmarks and close to the airport if attendees are traveling from other provinces. Additionally, ensure there is ample parking for those driving to the event.

Appropriately Sized Conference Room

As an organizer, you'll likely have a preliminary headcount. Ensure the conference room is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate attendees, allowing for desired seating and table arrangements and any activities or workshops.

Clean And Pleasant Atmosphere With Attractive Decor

Choose a conference room in Chiang Mai that prioritizes cleanliness, ambiance, and decoration to impress your attendees. Choosing a venue decorated in the Lanna style can highlight Chiang Mai's unique cultural identity.

Full Range of Amenities

The seminar venue should offer various amenities, including tables, chairs, audio systems, projectors, microphones, refreshments, and restrooms, ensuring convenience for organizers and a smooth event flow.

Sufficient Accommodation for Attendees

For events that span multiple days or include out-of-town participants, it is recommended to choose a hotel that provides both lodging and conference room facilities for the convenience of all attendees.


Organizing a seminar in a Chiang Mai conference room


What To Prepare For Your Seminar

Aside from choosing the right conference room venue in Chiang Mai, there are many other factors that you need to consider: 

  1. Clearly define the seminar's objectives and target audience to align the event planning.
  2. Have a clear agenda to facilitate a smooth seminar without disrupting attendees' and speakers' time.
  3. Prepare relevant documents, such as schedules, fact sheets, speaker information, and note-taking materials.
  4. Provide water, meals and snacks for participants and speakers.
  5. Select knowledgeable and qualified speakers relevant to the seminar topic, contacting them in advance to secure the best fit.
  6. Use feedback forms for attendees to gather their impressions and suggestions for future improvements.


Choose Horizon Village & Resort For Your Corporate Events

If you're searching for a hotel with conference rooms for 100 people or more in Chiang Mai, or even smaller groups, consider Horizon Village & Resort. This hotel provides comprehensive services for hosting banquets, meetings, seminars, and any other event. We are also conveniently located near major landmarks in Chiang Mai and can provide shuttle services to and from the airport for your attendees.

The venue features an authentic Lanna-style decor and a complete range of facilities. Our expert planning team is always on hand to ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish. We offer a variety of accommodation options for your attendees and ample space for various corporate team activities on the grounds. 

Choose from various conference room sizes and contact 053-292381-5 for more information.

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